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Chefs show they have the biggest and the most beautiful! “Truffle”

Show everyone that you have the biggest “truffle” is in fact a kind of animal behavior in which Chefs try to show their power by impressing people! Usually Chefs shares pictures of their truffles, they compare black and white truffle, they share pictures of them with their supplier, they show them in the kitchen, in the dining room, they share pictures of dishes with truffle,… Chefs entered in a world of standardization where they present all truffles the same way. It’s a also a way for some, let’s say many of them to position their ego, their brand, their restaurant and show they meet the requirements of their expected or current positioning. But don’t forget a truffle is nothing more than a truffle and by focusing this way on truffle they forget their personal brand identity and showtheir weaknesses.

My point of view is that Chefs who have a very strong personal brand and/or who don’t need to position their restaurant don’t communicate on truffles. It is the case for Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, but also for Jean Imbert, and a few others (These three are among the most followed Chefs on social medias and they have a clear editorial line and identity). By saying that I’m not saying Chefs communicating on truffles have a weak personal brand, but they definitely expect something from that! I mean that the added value should not be the product but how they are related to the Chef’s identity.

Customers and followers have to understand the culinary identity of the Chef whether there is a truffle, caviar or any other luxury product or common product. I make this comment because Chefs forget to focus on sharing personal brand identity related content associated with truffle! They position truffle as creating the added value to their person and to their dishes but they should think the opposite way. How truffle is related to their brand identity! Showing you have truffle the same way anyone else does doesn’t create value and probably does not make people come to your restaurant rather than in another. Think to that!

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