More UTS students have been to Pausa than wildebeests have crossed the savannah. Motivated by some carnal desire we flock there in mindless hoards. Though Unlike the wildebeests, our journey is entirely unstressful unarduous and uncrocodilian, which is probably why we keep going there. But is it any good?

The Coffee snob reports.

I must confess that writing about Pausa was a daunting task. Mainly because it has such a large and loyal following (I have no desire to give life to a caffeine starved angry mob) and a little because the prospect of having to drink Toby’s Estate makes me feel like I want to press my lips together, invert them completely and use them to slap myself across the face.

The espresso, unfortunately, was consistent with all my experiences of Toby’s Estate: Extremely bitter and devoid of any of the pleasant elements coffee can posses. I couldn’t taste anything in the dominate profile and I only got a bitter sting from the tail.

As much as I would like to, I can’t claim the whole experience was entirely unpleasant. The milk was well stretched, at a perfect temperature and it sustained a great texture until its demise in my stomach.

I won’t explain the differences between ‘burnt’, ‘dirty’ and ‘bitter’ in coffee, since I want to keep this short, but I will assure you that there is a very big difference; and it’s this that saves Pausa.

The coffee may be too bitter and flavourless for my liking, but the baristas know what they’re doing, everything is fresh and the machine is well maintained. Because of this, if you’re the person that usually adds sugar to your coffee, Pausa will probably be an enjoyable coffee experience for you.

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