You cut an aubergine into small pieces and leave them on the kitchen table, in the open air. After a while you come back and the colour of the pieces has become almost black! To prevent this problem, you can put the aubergine into some diluted salt water right after you have cut it into pieces. Salt water also helps prevent some fruits such as pears and apples from darkening in the air. If you don’t eat pears and apples right after you cut them, you should soak them in diluted salt water. In this way, they can be protected from bacteria and darkening.

Potatoes are very nutritious and good for your health. However, sprouting potatoes are poisonous and inedible. This easily happens because normally, you don’t eat all your potatoes right after you buy them from the supermarket and you often store them somewhere. Putting an apple into the same basket with the potatoes can prevent the potatoes from sprouting. This is very effective though I don’t understand why it works. Potatoes can also darken after being peeled. You shouldn’t put peeled potatoes in too airy a place. Soaking them in cold water with some lemonade drops will help keep them from going brown.

Onions are needed in many different dishes. However, they easily fade and losing their smell unless you cover them with paper and store them in a cool place which, has as little light as possible.

There are a variety of good ideas for keeping vegetables fresh for longer and you will find different methods based on your own experience. For example, to keep a cucumber fresh for longer, I often soak its stalk in water and change the water every day.

To keep mushrooms from darkening, you should never use any utensils made from aluminium to cook them.

When you want to store a half-used lemon, you can lay its cut surface on a plate which has some vinegar. In this way, the lemon will not get dry.

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