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Healthy Food Recipes as Healthy Food Guide

Healthy life starts from healthy foods. If you want to live healthily, you need to search for healthy food recipes so you know how to cook healthy ingredients and you need to live a healthy lifestyle. You may start by purchasing a tennis racket at so you can play daily and stay active. Healthy food guide must include the guidance to cook the ingredients properly because wrong cooking will make healthy ingredients become unhealthy. For example, fruits are good source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, and other beneficial substances and milk is good source of calcium and healthy fat but if you combine them together to create fruits smoothie, the drink will no longer be healthy.

Healthy Food Recipes Combination

The milk can reduce the benefits of fruits. Fruits are best if you eat them uncooked and unpeel (if possible) but if you want to make smoothie, combine fruits and vegetables with little or no sugar. Milk is best to drink alone and you should limit your milk consumption with 2 servings a day. Frozen Chicken can also be a great idea instead of fresh chicken, specially if you don’t have the time to buy fresh chicken every day. Therefore, you need healthy food recipes so you know which ingredients to use and to combine. Not only combination of ingredients that need to be concerned but also the way you cook as well. The way you cook the foods will influence the nutrition inside the foods. This will be the next healthy food guide you must know.

Most foods will be best if you eat it uncooked or raw because you can find essential enzymes in uncooked foods. However, some foods taste bad if uncooked. If you must cook the foods, the healthy food guide says maintain your cooking in medium heat and cook it as soon as possible. High heat is only good for poultry and other animal products in order to kill the bacteria, parasites, and others living being that may cause health problems. Even more, in healthy food recipes you likely find steaming more often than other cooking techniques. The reason is that steaming can help you maintain the nutrition inside the foods. Boiling is okay but do not use too much water and boil vegetable in a short time because some nutrition will dilute in the water.

If possible, use the leftover water after you boil the vegetable. You will find boiling mostly in healthy food recipes of stews or soups. The common vegetable oil, olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, and other plant-based oil are good for health. However, healthy food guide say no to heated oil. Most plant-based oils available in the market contain unsaturated fat but heating will change the structure. Therefore, you will not find frying technique in healthy food recipes because fried foods contain carcinogenic substances. Oils are commonly used in salad as dressing. If somehow, you want fried foods so much, be sure the oil is used for one or two times frying only.

Healthy Food Guide

Repeatedly used oil to fry would be unhealthy for your health. When you get healthy food recipes from internet, magazines, or anywhere else, follow the recipe strictly, especially the cooking method. Remember that the recipes are your guidance to cook healthy foods and wrong cooking can turn healthy ingredients into unhealthy foods. If you cannot find one or more ingredients, try to find substitute that have similar characteristics. Then, keep on learning and searching for more healthy food guide. Knowledge is very important in keeping healthy body.

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